"Up the sound of the sea in international business", the ancient Quanzhou Bay, because of the "Sea Silk Road" is known around the world; and Fujian Cizao, is with a batch of exquisite ceramic well-known in the world......
In the long history of world ceramics, China's ceramic production has always been the top priority. It Chinese in exchange with other countries in the world economy and culture, has played the role of bridge and link, made a great contribution to the development of world civilization, so China international won the "China" reputation.
As one of the birthplace of Chinese Cizao ceramic, is an ancient and vibrant Town, the ancient Chinese magnificent ceramic art, through which spread all over the world, it has 1700 years of history.
TOB is from here. The natural clay from "five dock and eighteen song" is turned over once every nine days. After nine times of digging up the soil, every clay is bathed in the sun and moon, and tells the story of millennium in the moonlight.
TOB historic mission, adhere to the "creation of the world, All take part in reform", vows to record the new revolution of science and technology, with advanced science and technology to write new ceramic history. TOB Italy to introduce advanced production equipment, pioneered the use of microwave drying technology leading, high temperature of 1180 degrees, a long 7 hours of fire, such as the Tao spirit of Phoenix like rebirth, bursting out of the divine color, time travel, time.
In the long history of precipitation and trailing, clay technology is also constantly upgrading and developing. The successful development and application of TOB pottery board has made an innovation in Fujian and even China's clay industry.

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